With your help, families find support in the Family Room.

Sarah found peace and quiet in the Family Room, thanks to your support. 

Sarah’s six-month-old daughter, Grace, spent three weeks in the hospital after she had surgery to help her breathe and eat properly. It was an extremely stressful and emotional time for her family.

With your generosity, Sarah was able to visit the Family Room to rest, away from the noise and busy movements of the hospital.

Families like Sarah’s, use the Family Room to grab a coffee, a shower, or to do things like their laundry. There are volunteers available to lend a listening ear or just to help them find a quiet spot to gather their thoughts .

Thanks to your generous support, The Family Room offers families practical support so they can focus on the most important thing, their child’s recovery.

“I was able to take a break and have a coffee with my best friend and my parents. It was calm and quiet and gave me space to collect my thoughts, ” said Sarah.