Meet Maverick


When Maverick was born in September 2020, mum Jess knew something wasn’t quite right for her little boy. You see, Maverick would cry. A lot. For almost 20 hours each day, he would cry.

At just 4 months old it was discovered that Maverick was born with a rare cancer of the immune system, called Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH), which left him with innumerable tumours throughout his entire tiny body and in incredible daily pain.

Needing immediate treatment from specialists nearly 300km’s away from home, Maverick and Jess needed to move fast, while dad Alex had to make the choice to stay home to keep working and to care for their 2-year-old daughter, Matilda.

Fortunately, Ronald McDonald House was able to provide a soft place for Jess and Maverick to land.

“When I first arrived I was traumatized because I didn’t expect to come here. I didn’t expect any of it…but I was very grateful, super grateful, for the Newcastle Ronald McDonald House,” said Jess.

While Maverick was in hospital, Jess rested safely in the knowledge that she was only a short walk away in order to be directly by his side.

“Ronald McDonald House gives the security of knowing that you are right near your child if you need to be, but it also gives you a much needed sense of normalcy so you don’t feel like you are in hospital the whole time.”

Maverick spent a total of 60 days in hospital undergoing numerous scans and surgeries before being brought back to his home away from home, Ronald McDonald House, to begin his challenging 2 year road of chemotherapy.

The House means Jess can provide a sense of normality for Maverick. It’s a space of safety and comfort, where they have support and know they are never alone. It’s also open for Alex and Matilda to stay whenever possible, so they can be together as a family.

Maverick won his first round of treatment, and after 105 nights at Ronald McDonald House he returned home.

The fight continues however, and when the time comes, Maverick and his family know they have their Ronald McDonald home to return to, when they need it most.

This September, individuals, schools, gyms, and businesses will be joining forces for the Ride for Sick Kids to provide crucial funds that will help us to keep our doors open, so we can support hundreds of other families, just like Maverick’s.

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