I'm fundraising to help sick kids and their families.

By Sarah Wilkinson

I'm shaving my head and going rainbow for sick kids and their families!

Giving the gift of treasured memories to families with a sick child is a gift close to my heart. Not only do I have to joy of working for Ronald McDoanld Family Retreat in Forster, but I have also experienced the loss of a child due to a serious illness and know how much these memories can mean to a family.  So to help raise funds for Ronald McDonald Family Retreat, I've offered to shave my head. And then, to add a little bit of Izzy-inspired flair, I'll colour it Rainbow.

Tuncurry Beach Bowling Club are hosting a fundraiser, in support of one of their members Helen Townsend who offered to shave her head to raise money for the Family Retreat in Forster. Inspired by her courage, I thought I would help her out and shave my head too.

During my own daughter's cancer journey, we met many children impacted by cancer. Chemotherapy is a lifesaving treatment for many children, but it can bring with it side-effects that have a huge impact on the body. Some are short-lived, like losing hair, but others are lifelong. But throughout it all these children always kept a smile on their faces, tackling each challenge with bravery and as much strength as they had. 

I'm shaving and colouring my hair in honour of these kids. As well as my own daughter Izzy, you inspire me every day to be a better person. 

By donating, you can help give the gift of a much-needed break away at the Ronald McDonald Family Retreat. Any family who has a sick child, palliative or bereaved can access a week's free holiday in beautiful Forster. A time to relax, reconnect and make precious memories. 
You can donate below and be sure to come along to the Tuncurry Bowling Club on Sunday 27th of August at 4pm to watch Helen and I lose our locks. 
Thank you for helping sick kids and their families.

My Updates

Izzy - my inspiration

Sunday 6th Aug
My precious daughter passed away at age 5 from a brain tumor in 2021. She will love seeing her Mumma with Rainbow hair :)

Thank you to my Sponsors


?north Family??

You light up this world with colour and joy🌈🦄


Vanessa & Brendan


Bec, Jag, Elisa



Thomas, Izzy, Lachy And Dadda

Go Mumma!!! 🌈🌈🌈


The Suttons

We love you ❤️


Jane Vee



Jenny Ashford

Yay Sarah. Love your enthusiasm.


Liz, Dave And Michael.

Sarah, you are such an inspiration. Congrats on the bold decision to go bald, I've no doubt you will absolutely rock it.



Well done Sarah a worthy cause, will be there to see your interesting head


Fiona Longford

Rock that beautiful head of yours xxoo love you



Always inspiring ❤🌈🦄


Leteetia Jeffries

Always thinking of others, you are a wonderful human ❌


Eadie Hall

Go aunty fart face, we are beyond proud of you. I finally have more hair than someone now!


Ashleigh Sinclair

Your amazing and the hair looks great 😊


Elyshia Lomas

You are an inspiration x


Rob And Marg Spencer

You're a genuinely amazing lady. So lucky to have you as a friend!


Allison Anthony

Love you Sarah.



You’ll rock the rainbow 🌈 so cool xx


Laura Polson

You’re amazing! And you look fantastic!! 🔥


Suzanne Lawrence


Colleen And Bruce Wilkinson

Well done Sarah. Such a worthy cause. So proud of you




Susan Cannings

Can't wait to see your beautiful rainbow head and I know Izzy will love it 🌈🌈🌈🌈


Georgie Garr




You're amazing Sarah!!! ❤🥰😍 Can't wait to see your rainbow hair 🦄🦄🦄 for Izzy ❤❤❤


Donna Rankin

So magical Sarah! You actually look amazing with rainbow hair! 💖✨💖🌈





Thank you for all you do for the Family Retreat!


Mel Minard

You will rock the shaved and rainbow head!!


Paul Cannings

so proud of you and everything you do.


Loren Mackay

You've got this Sarah xx


Donna Ambrose

You are one amazing woman Sarah xx


Ryan Kostrubiec


Donna Bensch


Tracey Horn

So proud of you xx


Linden Rudge


Moses Family



Jessica Slade


Deaves Family ??

You’re so brave Sarah!! We can’t wait to see the new look!! 🌈💕🦄💜



All the best


The Chapman’s

Good on you Sarah. Behind you all the way. For Izzy!!!

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