“This house is the lifeline for families like mine who live in remote communities. You’re experiencing the worst time of your life, scared to death walking out of the hospital. To know we could be a family together at Ronald McDonald House meant the world, for us and Avi” says mum Nikki.

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Grab a bike! Any kind of Bike!

And join us to Ride for Sick Kids.  

Sign up as an individual, with a friend or workmates, because your pedal power can make a real difference.

You’ll be helping give families a home away from home at Ronald McDonald House so they can be near their seriously ill child in hospital.

Get pedalling!

Encourage students to get active

Exercise is great for kids and can help improve their performance at school. During the month of September, encourage students to ride to school, tally their kilometres and fundraise for sick kids in need.

Have a school ride-off

Create a little bit of friendly competition by holding a ride-off between years, classes or individuals. The participant with the most kilometres ridden or money raised wins!

Create a leaderboard in the staff room

Encourage staff to jump on a bike and ride for a cause! This is a fun way to create a little competition between staff members and do something great for your community.


Who do YOU ride for this September? We ask all participants to use the hashtag #IRideFor to bring light to an individual's or family's story. 

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